How automation can help you nurture old leads

  • Automate low-value microtasks to save resources for high-value tasks.
  • You need a developer to manage automation.
  • Results are mostly indirect, but still valuable.

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This is an unsolicited tech review based on Redefy's own experience. Redefy pays for Scale's services and gets nothing in return for the review. What’s the worst part of an agent’s day? Making calls on old leads. Some offices and high-producing agents use call centers to avoid this cumbersome task. So, what’s the worst part of the call center’s day? Yup -- you guessed it -- calling stale, old leads. Real estate brands using an in-house call center to field customer inquiries and vet leads for agents waste countless hours paying highly-trained associates for low-value tasks. New technologies are providing options to minimize wasted time and improve efficiency. As associates try to keep up with incoming calls and high-priority leads, older contacts that need follow up start building in the queue. These are often folks who aren't ready to buy or sell; or people who are just curious. Regardless, these low priority leads still need to be engaged. Outsourcing ...