Chris's Stories

Agents can save sellers time, money, liability and hassle
Jul 2

Sue stood in her parents’ San Diego garage, overwhelmed by the years of stuff they’d accumulated and the volume of repairs needed. Add to that the fact that she lived out of state. This sale wasn’t going to be easy.

Jul 12

What’s the worst part of an agent’s day? Making calls on old leads. Some offices and high-producing agents use call centers so they don’t have to do this cumbersome task.

May 17

U.K. hybrid brokerage Purplebricks charges consumers a set fee to “instruct to sell” — for us Yanks, that means list a home with an agent. The company has expanded to Australia, and now it’s raising funds to bring its tech-based model to the U.S. in the second half of 2017.

May 10

The 2017 Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling magazine documents the national and regional costs and ROI (return on investment) for 29 popular home improvement projects.

Feb 7

Heading into a new year, we feel an obligation to make resolutions. Personal resolutions can be motivating, exciting or just plain silly. As a homeowner, resolutions can also be empowering.

Dec 30

The storefront office with the flyers in the window has been the cornerstone of brokerage operations, from small towns to downtown locations. Is it still a relevant way to do business? Do brokerages really need a brick-and-mortar location? Yes. And no. Let me explain.

Dec 8

It’s easy to create a “top 10” list of remodeling projects’ return on invesment. But not all projects are created equal. Would you put a front door on the same playing field as a bathroom addition?

Aug 11