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IQDial, automated dialer software, tracks down missing prospect data

Power dialer can send three calls at once and assist agents who still value the cold call
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  • Software can help agents track down missing email and phone numbers on past prospects.
  • Working the phones is a time-honored strategy for new agents to understand the nuances of sales.

IQDial is an automated dialer and prospect tracking system ideal for real estate agents.

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IQDial is automated dialer software.

Platforms: Browser-based; mobile or desktop phones
Ideal for: Agents and teams who value cold calling; new agents learning sales

Top selling points

  • Three calls at once
  • Call control
  • Finds missing data on contacts

Top concerns

  • The growth of automated sales technologies may discourage some agents from adopting a call strategy.

What you should know

There are plenty of power-dialer systems out there.

Finding the right one for your office comes down to what makes one better than another. Cost is most likely also a factor.

What I think stands out about IQDial is its backend data completion tools, and it’s $35 per month fee.

IQDial leverages a number of data search partnerships to find missing customer data.

If an agent’s uploaded database is lacking a few email addresses or even phone numbers, IQDial executes a hunt to track them down.

An email address, for example, can then be used to send a follow-up message after a call, which can be done directly from the software’s call console.

IQDial lets users create multiple campaigns, each of which can dial up to three numbers at a time. The first person who picks up gets your attention. The remaining calls hear a pre-recorded message, the content of which is completely up to the user.

A complex hardline system isn’t needed to use IQDial.

An agent opens their laptop, creates or accesses a campaign, and calls IQDial.

Once connected via voice prompt, a user need only click “dial now” to start reaching out. They don’t have to touch their phone again until it’s time leave the office, or go to the bathroom, whichever comes first.

The call console enables notes, messages, recording and email follow-up.

I found the interface to be highly task-driven; it’s all about the call and the contact. There are no additional feature call-outs distracting the user.

Every call record is easily looked-up and viewed for background information.

IQDial is a tool for agents who value personal contact and traditional sales methods.

I’m not disparaging bots that probe new prospects or sales automation tools that may eschew personal communication for lead qualification.

I believe that a large contingent of real estate agents remain dedicated to what’s always worked. And calling people has always worked.

It’s my opinion that anyone who believes cold calling is dead doesn’t have the courage to do it right, or doesn’t know how to pinpoint who should be cold called, because even people not expecting your call should have some reason to expect your call.

IQDial is also a great tool for new agents. Getting rejected and learning phone skills are fundamental to becoming a top producer.

IQDial integrates with SalesNexus and Salesforce. Other real estate-specific CRM connections are underway.

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