Could you work a regular 9-to-5 job after real estate?

  • The majority of respondents to an informal social media poll are happy right where they are, but depending on different factors, some agents and brokers could be enticed away.

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Tracking miles, paying out-of-pocket marketing expenses, answering the phone when a client's on the other end after hours and keeping up with an ever-changing market -- it's all in a day's work for a real estate agent. The rewards can be significant, but it's a balancing act with your existing time and energy, and when you live in a society that supports (to some extent) eight-hour jobs that don't involve evenings and weekends, it's hard not to wonder: What's life like on the "other side" -- and would I want to go there? 'Heck no, we won't go' For the most part, real estate agents and brokers seem pretty happy with the gig they've got. According to a Facebook poll on the Inman Coast to Coast group page, 51 out of 71 respondents said they "wouldn't even consider" leaving real estate for a more regular job. And five people on Inman's poll chose this respondent-written poll option: "Real estate has ruined me. I'm unemployable and sassy now." Leslie Ebersole "For one...