4 things homebuyers and renters want in a chatbot

  • Chatbots should help customers give you the most relevant information first and make that information accessible at other stages of the homebuying process.

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The concept of human-to-artificial intelligence interaction isn't anything new. Software developers and engineers have been toying with different interfaces for decades. While their use has been primarily limited to the IT sector, recent advancements in technology have made them increasingly popular across all customer-centric industries, including real estate. Now, prospective homebuyers can use chatbots to assist them on their buying journey, and real estate agents and property managers seem optimistic about the impact such technology could have on the industry. “I do think that real estate chatbots will become an effective time saver for property managers and leasing agents of larger communities,” says senior vice president and residential division manager of Property Management Inc., Duane Drozdowski. “If you manage, say, 175 units, you spend considerable time answering standardized general questions,” says Drozdowski, indicating that chatbots could be used to ...