Kayla's Stories

Keep an eye on the market, and stay up to date with technology trends to ensure that you thrive
Apr 19
Staying up-to-date on the brave new real estate market will help you increase your income while welcoming families home
Feb 21
Real estate agents should set aside time to review everything a HELOC entails, from the basic concept to requirements for qualification
Feb 1
The hard work you put into getting your license doesn’t have to be for nothing — consider making a change
Jan 8
As long as agents build on a foundation of research, they'll meet and exceed their goals
Dec 12
Trends in home features constantly change, especially as new technology becomes available, and you need to stay on top of the innovation to sell it
Nov 27
Understanding what materials your clients have in their homes makes you a valuable resource
Nov 7
Set expectations from the beginning so you're less likely to run into conflict later
Oct 18