How a top producer keeps up with her 400-person sphere

F.C. Tucker's Angela Raab interviews Patty Torr

As part of her 10 Questions podcast series, F.C. Tucker broker Angela Raab interviews Patty Torr, a top producing agent who has been with F.C. Tucker for her entire real estate career.

Listen in to hear how she:

  • Generates leads simply by connecting with referrals from friends, family, past clients and more
  • Doesn’t go longer than a month without contacting everyone in her sphere, which consists of 300 to 400 people who actually know her well
  • Crafts personal newsletters informing people of what’s going on in her life and sends a nice planner to everyone once a year
  • Is in the business for the wonderful relationships
  • Learned from her biggest mistake — getting caught up in a “time suck”

Angela Raab is the director of agent development and technology advancement at F.C. Tucker in Indianapolis, Indiana. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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