6 tips for managing sellers if the deal goes south

Be proactive, communicate effectively with all parties and deliver
  • Not every transaction will be perfect. If you can remain in control of the situation, you can effectively navigate and achieve client satisfaction.

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Have you experienced the ever-dreaded, Chicken Little, "The sky is falling," phone call from a buyer's agent days before closing on your listing? Yeah. Me too. That gut wrenching feeling when you know that you have to be the bearer of the inevitable bad news slowly creeps through your veins. Here are six tips to manage the sellers, lessen the burden and retain control of a situation that could turn ugly when the deal falls through. 1. Set expectations of real estate reality early on The best thing you can do before a transaction begins is address potential hurdles early on. Appraisal concerns? Selling as-is? Worried about inspections? All that should be addressed to minimize unexpected headaches in the future. I don't mean to say to prepare your seller for failure, however, let them know about potential risks. That way you can "under promise and over deliver." Appropriate communication goes a long way. I promise. 2. Wait, stop, breathe You get the bad news....