You can’t just throw it all away: Alternatives to trashing junk when moving

  • When moving, most clients throw away or donate unwanted items, but you can advise them of alternatives to trashing junk that could be positive for the environment.

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I enjoyed contributing to Amber Taufen’s article about helping our clients downsize. She wrote: "It’s harder than ever to get rid of your stuff — and once that lamp, jewelry or antique hutch reaches 'family heirloom' or 'treasured artifact' status, feelings can get hurt. "This is an issue that real estate agents all over the country have been dealing with as downsizing movers — many of them baby boomers — look to pass down furniture and memorabilia to family members (often millennials) who don’t want it." My own home has too much stuff in it. In fact, I have several items that belonged to my grandparents and a few that belonged to my great grandparents. I ended up with more during a time in my life when I need less. I recently became the owner of a table made of granite. It belongs to my parents; it was a gift and it has their wedding date engraved on the underside. I got tired of moving it. I have had to move it four times in the past three years -- and it's he...