Why switching websites is more costly than you think

Shiny new tools appeal, but they have hidden costs

Real estate brokers and agents have a plethora of CRMs to choose from, and even more website providers. But before you switch, make sure the change-up won’t leave your contacts and data wafting in the wind without the features they’ve come to know and love in your current systems.

As a small business, the cost of software and operations is always top of mind. Many of us hear about cheaper, more affordable options all the time. A tech switch is frequently tempting, but it comes with hidden costs. In this article, I want to focus on the impact of switching websites, particularly websites that include a CRM and other services such as lead generation.

Whatever the reason for the switch, many of us don’t consider the end user — homebuyers and sellers. We like to think about how the site will make our work lives easier, but fail to properly consider the bread and butter of our business: our leads and clients.

Your users become accustomed to your technology and the relationship it fosters. For example, if your website automatically emails your buyers lists of homes they may be interested in and if your new website doesn’t, you may lose subscribers who like the feature.

Also, you may lose the data and information your CRM-website tool created for your contacts in the transition to the new system. This effectively disables the email alerts from the previous site and breaks the connection with a lead or client.

When leads revisit the broker or agent’s website, they see things are different and consider jumping ship to another real estate professional. This is one way to easily lose a client.

Next time you consider switching website providers, think about the impact it might have on your clients. Does the new website convert visitors effectively? Does it keep them engaged over time?

The last thing you want to do is spend thousands to build a lead pipeline based on your website, and then make a transition and lose the data and the relationships your website fosters. You want contacts continually engaged with you via your smart website-CRM system, so when they decide to buy (or sell), they think of you first.

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