The art of written communication: E-Male vs. Fe-Mail

Respond to your clients in the same style they use to communicate with you
  • Understand the differences between men’s and women’s communication styles, and be intentional about your choices.

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Men and women can have very distinct differences in how they communicate, especially via email. Understanding these differences and being intentional about how you choose to communicate minimizes misunderstandings while also increasing your effectiveness. It's important to note that the communication style generalizations in this piece are not applicable to all men and women. I recently reconnected with long-time coaching friend David Goldsmith. Goldsmith is an early pioneer in business coaching, which he helped launch in Japan, and he's a columnist for London’s The Sunday Times. The genders have trouble understanding one another Goldsmith shared a challenge that many of his female executive coaching clients are facing -- understanding what he calls “E-Male” communications. It turns out that both men and women have trouble understanding how the other gender communicates, especially via email. To illustrate the differences, here are three emails that I received from CE...