How to salvage missed lead gen opportunities with Facebook pixel

Ensure that clients don't get distracted and forget about you
  • Retargeting, or remarketing, is how businesses follow you around the internet with advertisements.
  • Using Facebook pixel, you can ensure that distracted prospects don't forget about you.

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Has this ever happened to you? It’s a weeknight, and you’re sitting on the couch browsing through or your favorite online department store looking at clothes or the latest gizmo. You’re not really browsing because you’re not ready to buy anything -- you’re just comparing prices, features, etc. via GIPHY Then, you get distracted. Something else grabs your attention, and you click away to a different website or close your laptop for the night. During lunch the next day, you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or your favorite online publication, and you see an advertisement for the exact same item you were looking at the night before. Pretty spooky right? It can’t be coincidence, can it? via GIPHY It’s not a coincidence -- it’s called retargeting (or remarketing), and it’s how businesses follow you around on the internet with their advertisements. Until recently, this technology was only available to brands with seven-fig...