4 mistakes to avoid when your sellers get multiple offers

Remember, it’s not a done deal until everyone walks away from the closing table
  • Stay humble, keep your sellers’ expectations in check, and act fast.

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As inventory continues to tighten, the demand from homebuyers is at an all-time high. It’s become very evident over these past few summer months that the real estate market is on fire. A low supply has resulted in an extremely high demand of motivated homebuyers igniting the real estate market. Because of this boost in competition, sellers have seen a rise in multiple offer situations. Whether sifting through two or 10 offers, this is not an easy position to be in. If you are a listing agent currently navigating this summer market, here are four things to avoid when wading through multiple offer situations: Not being humble First and foremost, remain ethical, honest and open throughout the process. In multiple offer situations, be upfront with both the sellers and other agents involved. Talk through the offers, and remember that it’s not a done deal until everyone walks away from the closing table. Maintain good relations with all of the agents and buyers who make of...