How to ask for real estate referrals: 7 opportunities real estate agents should seize

The idea is pretty simple: Give exceptional service, ask in the right ways -- and you shall receive
  • Ask for real estate referrals often -- during the listing presentation, throughout the sales process, and after the sale.
  • It is the relationship you continue to foster with your client after closing that will give you the best chance at referrals.
  • Practice social listening techniques so that you can stay top-of-mind for your clients.

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Any real estate professional will tell you that one of the best sources of business in this industry comes from past or current client referrals. While a few customers give referrals without suggestion, most will not think to do so, even if they absolutely loved your service. Here’s the bottom line rule for referrals: You have to ask to receive, and while the process may feel awkward or uncomfortable, it is extremely important. You will find the most success if you ask frequently but respectfully, whether that be before, during or after the sale. During the listing presentation and interview When you are selling prospective clients on your exceptional service, also take the opportunity to ask for a referral. Start to build their trust here by telling them you will follow through with the expectations you're pitching, which leaves them wanting to tell others about their positive experience. An example of how to ask at this point is: “We will work very hard to mak...