A broker’s case against cold calling: Stop, or I’ll tell your mother

Where salespeople get it wrong
  • Cold callers trying to sell me their products often point out my "flaws" and "problems," but they’ll never get my business that way.

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The people who sell internet lead generation services make a lot of cold calls because they know we will never find them on the internet. And if we do, we probably won’t contact them. They call us while we're driving because everyone knows that those of us in sales are supposed to answer the phone and talk to people who sell stuff. And we are supposed to like it. It's the same with all those emails we get from salespeople. We are expected to be polite, and they want a response. When I write an article like this, a bunch of people will let me know what a horrible person I am because of my super bad attitude about people constantly calling me and sending me stuff to get me to buy something that I am not even looking for or remotely interested in. They don't even listen The people who are on the phone selling to me won’t listen to a thing I say. They remind me of my family. If they did listen, they might learn something. I have been in the business for more than 15 years. ...