Are you working hard for your real estate client — or just looking busy?

I challenge you to define a 'hardworking' agent
  • Most of my job doesn’t feel like work. And a lot of the “hard work” I see in the industry is either beneficial to the agent or simply looking busy for the clients’ benefit.

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Most days, the work I do to earn a living doesn’t seem like work. I spend time driving, walking, writing and on social media. I meet with people; I tour houses with and without clients. I have lunch or coffee with people I enjoy spending time with and call it a meeting. Some of my time is spent reading, learning and analyzing data. I also take pictures, write flowery words for marketing, update websites, blog, process pictures, answer the phone and prepare reports. I write a few advertisements, too. Is this work? I do more, but it is hard for me to decide what is work and what isn’t. If I had to dig ditches all day, that would be hard work. Driving in traffic and 90-degree heat or in a raging blizzard can feel like work, even if it is only a few miles. There was a posting over the weekend on a neighborhood network from a neighbor who is looking for a “hardworking real estate agent.” I did not jump all over that one, but I noticed that some of my neighbors recommended a...