Increase your real estate company’s valuation in 5 easy steps

For starters, know your purpose and don't put too much weight on tech
  • Companies need to know the fundaementals of why they have their own business and what is driving them.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Your company's valuation is arguably the most important number in your business. Calculating the economic value of your company -- the thing you've worked so long and hard to perfect -- can be very personal. Steve Murray presented at the Indie Broker Summit today in San Francisco. As the owner, you obviously want your work -- your enterprise, your "baby" -- to reflect the highest value possible, and there are ways to make that happen. Everyone sharpened their pencils today at the Indie Broker Summit as Real Trends' Steve Murray shared five ways to increase their company's valuation. 1. Know your purpose Before anything, you have to answer two questions: Why do you have a brokerage? What is it you want to do for yourself and your family? "Are you doing this to build equity? To create dividends and profits? Or are you doing it because you want the personal satisfaction of owning your own company?" he asked the audience. "People say it's a little of...