How to beat your tech competition with a UX-focus

Design-infused organizations win -- human computer interaction expert Yossi Langer explains why

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Yossi Langer SAN FRANCISCO -- Amazon Alexa's artificial intelligence is no match for Yossi Langer's creative 6-year-old, who likes to use the device to create ridiculous grocery lists -- a la "Alexa, we need 'slimy bugs' or 'poopy bags.'" Aside from a good chuckle, the device isn't of much use to Langer, who has been solving user experience design, usability and human factors problems for mobile and web applications for 15 years. (He conceded that the backend of the app does ask him for clarification on an important matter: "Which type of poop did you want?") At Hacker Connect this morning, Langer shared how real estate apps can ensure they hit the mark on practical use and user experience (where Alexa, which can skirt by for awhile on novelty, still has some work to do), by avoiding common mistakes and innovating ahead of the curve. He started with 3 mistakes he sees frequently with real estate apps: 1. Featuring dashboards that no one uses 2. Adding customizations th...