Why you need a 'culture of engineering' to build the best real estate software

If your goal is really to delight customers and become profitable, then you need to hire the best people
  • Software engineers are spoiled for job choice, so companies that want to hire them need to show them what's in it for them (beyond a salary).
  • Connecting software developers with customers can help developers solve problems.
  • Think of your hiring process as a sales funnel and qualify prospects as you go, aiming for the best cultural fit.

SAN FRANCISCO — “The best engineers can always get jobs — it’s not hard,” noted Steve Garrity of Hearsay Systems. So how are you supposed to find the very best people to build your real estate software? On stage at Hacker Connect, part of the programming at Inman Connect San Francisco, Garrity explained how his company was able to build a culture that draws high-quality software engineers.