Folio Gmail extension for real estate adds feature to combat fraud

Gmail-based transaction assistant alerts agents to emails about deposits and wire transfer information
  • Instances of wire fraud and data theft are growing throughout the digital real estate landscape.
  • Amitree's new feature for Folio alerts agents via text when emails are sent with financial information.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. I bought a house last month. It was not fun. It was a high-pressure, sign-on-the-fly, crossed-finger affair that I hope no one has the displeasure of experiencing. Documents streamed on and off my iPhone screen like trending Twitter mentions, and I was signing everything that SkySlope indicated I needed to sign. (I can't imagine what a busy agent is going through, when that process is multiplied by five, or ten transactions.) If there was ever an opportunity for a fraudster to find a crack in the system, it's during this type of deal. Fast-paced and high-dollar. Folio is a slick software product by Amitree that helps agents better manage transactions like this via Gmail. In moments, it assembles and organizes messages according to common dates, terms and people. Its timeline tool provides immense value; the list of critical dates are listed on a...