How to grab your ideal clients with Facebook’s target audiences

Custom audiences and lookalike audiences are often better at generating leads at a lower cost
  • There are more effective ways to target people on Facebook than demographics, location, interests and behaviors.

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There seems to be some misconceptions about what options advertisers (or agents) have for targeting their ideal audience on Facebook. Everyone seems to know about the basic targeting options: age, income, location, interests, behaviors, etc. Although these are pretty powerful targeting options, they often aren’t the most effective in terms of cost and lead generation. In this article, I’m going to break down all three of the audience types that Facebook lets advertisers target. You’re probably familiar with one of them, but I doubt you’ve taken advantage of all of them. The three audiences are core audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences. Most people are familiar with core audiences, but custom audiences and lookalike audiences are often overlooked (or undiscovered). That’s a shame because they often produce better results at a lower cost. Let’s walk through each of the three audiences in more detail. Core audiences: Target people based ...