Not for the faint of heart: Tales from the landlord trenches

The trials and tribulations of owning rental property

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Every landlord has tales to tell about the trials and tribulations of owning rental property. Here are a few of mine. The Flood The house was between tenants when an upstairs water pipe burst. The water cascaded down, down, down, into the crawl space. After filling that area, it spilled out into the yard, creating a wading pool outside. I didn’t find out about the flood until the four-figure water bill arrived. Fortunately, I was able to turn the water off and the accumulated water slowly sunk into the ground. The necessary repairs were made and the place was eventually rented out. moxumbic / Shutterstock Here today, gone tomorrow When I eventually put the above house on the market, I fixed it up nicely, including the addition of a bunch of new shrubs. The day after the bushes were put into the earth, they were gone, just like that. During the night, someone dug them up, leaving me nothing but gaping holes in the ground. Tell-Tale Heart, part I My tenant was way late ...