Teams are not for everyone, yet many independent agents don’t necessarily want to reinvent the wheel. Teamberages are the middle way for anyone who is driven, growth-minded, and willing to put in the work
by Adam Hergenrother Today 1:40 A.M.
Although the market is shifting, that doesn't mean that the sky is falling. Listing agents should focus on training their sellers to understand the new realities instead of blindly reacting and giving away the farm in the process
by Carl Medford Jun 28
This month: A veteran agent is developing a side interest in cryptocurrency that is bleeding into her real estate business. Should her broker keep her focused on their primary business?
by Anthony Askowitz Jun 28
Looking at the history of the last four market downturns indicates turbulent times may be ahead. The best agents and brokers will start preparing now
by Bernice Ross Jun 23
What is your natural leadership style and how is it suited to the phase your business is in right now — and in the days to come?
by Adam Hergenrother Jun 23
To fulfill the promise of our founders, and of Juneteenth, it's time to prioritize affordability and access for Black Americans
by Carl Medford Jun 22
Interest rates and out-of-whack supply and demand have Powell calling for a market 'reset.' Here's what that means for the real estate industry
by Jay Thompson Jun 22
Laughing and cheering at the expense of others, whether those others are real estate professionals losing their jobs or celebrities embroiled in abusive situations, has no place in this industry
by Jay Thompson Jun 16
This week: Find out why NYC associate broker Lisa Chajet says there's rarely a trouble-free transaction in real estate
by Christy Murdock Jun 13
If you’re looking for your business to grow in the future, the answer is in your database. It offers the ability to store client information, automate communication and provide prompt reminders
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 2
During its tenure, REX made a lot of noise in court, but not so much in the marketplace. Now, as they appear to have bowed out of the fight, at least in part, Jay Thompson is left wondering what all of the fuss was about
by Jay Thompson May 31
Only a small percentage of agents can answer these ten questions about their listings. Are you one of the select few who can? 
by Bernice Ross May 13
Announced Thursday, the brand and logo refresh aims to 'reimagine the consumer experience at any point in the real estate transaction journey,' according to executives at an Investor Day event
by Brad Inman May 12
Although the overturning of Roe v. Wade promises to have a massive cultural impact, some experts also posit an impact on migration patterns
by Jay Thompson May 10
As of 2019, more than 600,000 homes across parts of the Western United States were at high to extreme risk of damage or destruction by wildfire. That's just one reason to rally this Earth Day
by Derek Berlin Apr 22
This week: Find out how NYC agent and former chef Andrew J. Feldman learned that no matter what you think you know, get it in writing
by Christy Murdock Apr 11