Agent/broker perspective: Are home inspections a waste of time for agents?

Homebuyers and sellers expect personal attention, but babysitting clients isn't productive
  • Ultimately, agents must weigh the benefits of personal attention and customer service versus the benefits of maximizing and streamlining the use of their time.

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In this monthly column, Anthony Askowitz will explore a hypothetical Miami real estate situation from both sides of the broker-agent dynamic. A veteran Miami real estate agent feels strongly about participating in her customers’ home inspections. Her broker wants her to focus on more productive uses of her time. Do real estate agents make the best use of their time through personal customer service or income-generating work? Agent perspective On the front lines of residential real estate, where all agents are generally doing the same activities, one of the few ways good agents can distinguish themselves is with a high level of customer service. Some may call this an old-fashioned approach, but when you hold customers' hands through the process, they really appreciate it, and this is what develops a good reputation -- and more importantly, repeat business and referrals. This human connection is also what distinguishes our profession from real estate websites and apps from ...