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Why MLSs should charge more, play nice with brokers and merge already

'MLS 2020 Agenda' report compiles challenges and solutions from key stakeholders
  • Industry leaders call for changes to the way MLSs make decisions, where they invest their resources and how they operate.

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A report released today by a new MLS think tank starts off bluntly: "Almost everyone interviewed for this study feels that the MLS industry has meandered aimlessly for over a decade." How to stop that wandering? Seven MLSs representing about 300,000 agents, brokers, and appraisers have gotten together to form a strategic thinking forum, MLS RoundTable, which discusses "the challenges associated with implementing meaningful change in an industry that generally dodges it," David Charron told Inman. David Charron Charron is the group's spokesperson and chief strategy officer of Bright MLS. The other MLSs in the think tank are CarolinaMLS, Northwest MLS, RealTracs, Midwest Regional Data (MRED), MLS PIN and California Regional MLS. As its first project, MLS RoundTable commissioned a study from real estate management consulting firm T3 Sixty to identify the most significant and important issues the MLS industry should focus on in the next 24 to 36 months. The firm interviewe...