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NAR CEO Bob Goldberg: Disrupters aren’t ‘the bogeyman’

Change is here -- embrace it, encourage it
  • The new head of NAR is calling for working with, not against, industry innovators.
  • He says programs like RPR and Upstream will have to provide enough value to Realtors to justify the dollars spent on them.

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Realtors can be a fearful lot, seeing threats in new technologies and new business models that might change the way they do business. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has in some ways encouraged this mindset, often disparaging companies such as real estate tech giant Zillow Group. But new NAR CEO Bob Goldberg, who is determined to paint himself as a change agent, is striking a more inclusive tone at the beginning of his tenure. In an interview with Inman, Goldberg said those thought of as "disrupters" should be invited into the "tent" of organized real estate in the hopes of turning them into Realtor advocates. Goldberg's plans for change in regard to technology don't stop there. They extend to Realtors Property Resource (RPR) and Upstream and whether they can justify their existence. Will agents and brokers take their cue from Goldberg? Time -- and Goldberg's results -- will tell. On embracing disruption As Goldberg sees it, whether it's called disruption or in...