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What do brokers want more than MLS mergers? Power

Brokers call for broker-based MLS governance, more transparency from NAR
  • Broker-MLS relations have improved, but brokers want more decision-making power in their MLSs.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- It's been nearly four years since a group of dozens of big brokers laid out a long list of grievances against MLSs and threatened the launch of an industry bombshell that would change the role of the MLS. Since then, that industry bombshell -- Upstream -- has yet to officially roll out. But how are relations between brokers and MLSs? That 2013 list of broker complaints from The Realty Alliance (TRA), a network of 69 large real estate brokerages, included several items related to brokers' belief that some MLSs are overstepping their proper role or not doing their best to help brokers do their jobs. Examples included not giving brokers data feeds they are entitled to; ignoring National Association of Realtors' MLS policies; inconsistent data standards across MLSs; revenue share that brokers never see a penny from; too many MLSs; offering products that "level the playing field" and compete with brokers' offerings; and what TRA called a lack of "authentic and equi...