Roomeze wants to find you a roomie who doesn’t suck

NYC startup pairs renters with apartments and roommates based on preferences

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Dirty dishes for days. Parties while you're trying to sleep. Country music blaring from the basement. Everyone has a roommate horror story, and trying to nab an apartment to share with suitable company can be extremely difficult. Roomeze is hoping to solve that problem by filling rentals room by room and matching occupants based on their preferences. The company caters to landlords who want to reduce their vacancy rates and might appeal most to prospective renters who haven't teamed up with future roommates. The pool of potential clients may be substantial; according to data from Zillow, nine out of 10 renters who are 24 or younger are searching for a home they intend to share. Roomeze currently only operates in New York City, but wants to expand to any market with a "housing crisis" where renters often can't afford their own places, said co-founder Jordan Devidovit. Upcoming targets for expansion include Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami. Renters can search empty ...