How to generate buyer leads with Facebook Lead Ads

From targeting to nurturing, the best ways to reach homebuyers
  • Build a homebuyer persona, identify buyer triggers, target, and provide enough information to satisfy window shoppers but withhold enough that serious buyers will give their contact information to know more.

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Do you want to generate leads right on Facebook or Instagram without having to direct traffic to a landing page? Piece of cake, just use Facebook Lead Ads. I wrote about this a few weeks ago. The short explanation is that Facebook Lead Ads are generally better at generating leads on mobile devices than landing pages. I got a lot of questions about that blog post, so I wanted to write this follow-up to answer some of them. I also want to show you how you can use Facebook Lead Ads to generate buyer leads for new listings. New listing Facebook Lead Ad campaigns The goal of “new listing” campaigns is to offer interested buyers information about a home they haven’t seen yet in exchange for their contact information. These campaigns work like this: Target prospective buyers in your market with a Facebook Lead Ad that gives a limited amount of information about a new listing (just enough to pique the interest of serious buyers). Offer more information in exchange for...