The dos and don’ts of advertising listings on Facebook

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So you just got this shiny new listing, and you're pumped to get it out to as many eyeballs as possible. Naturally, you think Facebook advertising immediately. But do you know if you're doing it the right way? Let's find out. The most common type of advertising I see real estate agents doing on Facebook is posting a link to their latest listing and boosting it for $5. Here’s an example of the type of ad I’m talking about (it took me about 20 seconds to find this one). This isn’t a bad place to start if you’re new to Facebook advertising. It’s certainly better than relying solely on organic reach because Facebook’s algorithm is increasingly limiting the reach of organic posts. But if you’re serious about using Facebook advertising to generate leads, there are a couple of problems with boosting a post that you should know about. Let’s look at some of the big dos and don'ts with this ultra-basic form of Facebook advertising. Don't: Expect your booste...