3 free online lead gen sources for real estate agents

Take advantage of Google My Business, Nextdoor and LinkedIn, and watch the leads roll in

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If you happen to be in any real estate Facebook group, then you know that every day there's a real estate agent asking about some paid leads program and whether it's worth the money. Almost every other day, there's an equal number of questions around SEO or some other semi-technical lead generation strategy such as re-marketing. On top of all of this, I know I personally get a call at least every week from someone who wants to sell me no. 1 placement on Google or Yelp -- or both. I'm here to share with you three free overlooked online lead generation opportunities that you're probably not taking advantage of in your business. 1.  Google My Business This is quite possibly the lowest hanging fruit for real estate agents, and it's still untapped. We've written about this for years, yes years. If you don't know what I'm talking about, open up a new tab and search "real estate agent near me." More than likely a map will pop up, and you'll see a list of real estate agents ...