How to create a plan that keeps your real estate team motivated

The ultimate goal is to create a highly focused, integrated team of entrepreneurial experts working together to achieve the highest level of client service
  • Formed together with your team, business plans should be living documents that adapt and change to market conditions and opportunities, with team member buy-in and a strategic vision that everyone can rally behind.

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Effectively running a modern real estate team is not a group exercise. You should not expect to compartmentalize every aspect of the services your team provides to its clients. On the other hand, you also can’t expect one person to do everything. When it comes to long-term success for real estate teams, balance and opportunity are key. Our industry can have a high burnout rate because real estate agents are expected to do everything. Individually, they are tasked with taking on anything from the “janitorial” duties of supporting a real estate business to channeling their inner CEOs in a single day. It’s a tall order, and not everyone is successful at sorting through the demand. Each aspect of real estate work -- and every individual job and task -- is important to the overall health and growth of the company. But if you expect all the agents on your team to do all things and perform all roles all the time, the individual aspects of running a real estate business ...