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How C.A.R. is elevating women in real estate leadership roles

Women brokers are rewriting the rules

C.A.R. Vice President Sara Sutachan and Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Leslie Appleton-Young took the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco (ICSF) to talk about the Women’s Initiative, C.A.R.'s WomanUP!, and the preliminary findings from the initiative’s report -- “How women brokers are reinventing the rules of leadership in the 21st century.” There are three primary reasons why women start their own brokerage: 1. To build a company/brand that reflects their own vision and values. 2. Things didn't work out with the company they were working with before. 3. They couldn't find another brokerage that fit their culture and values. No matter their motives, woman thrive in leadership roles and WomenUP! wants to embrace and encourage that. "We want to allow women to connect with their greatness -- give them permission to be great, and we wanted to give them a stage for that," said Sutachan. Watch the video to hear more about the Women's Initiative....