Zillow and realtor.com leads

How to get the most out of Zillow and realtor.com leads

Being vulnerable is the key to gaining clients and building strong relationships

Prabhjit Singh of Naaam Real Estate has a lead conversion rate worth bragging about, but it doesn't come without smart planning and effort. Singh gives credit to three specific steps: 1. "Speed to lead." Calling leads back right away establishes an immediate relationship. 2. Looking for a "trigger" to share your story. Do you hear a baby in the background during your phone conversation? Ask your leads about their children and chat about your children as well. Find something in common with your leads; this helps you connect with them on a personal level. 3. Ask when they are available to view the property. Showing the property as soon as possible strengthens the relationship you've just created. In addition to these steps, there are three crucial questions you should ask every lead you speak with. Watch Singh on the Inman Connect stage to hear what those questions are and learn how to boost your conversion rate....