4 ways to create buzz around you and your biz

People will respond to your true passion and relate to you in a big way
  • The best ways to generate a little buzz about your business is to find your cause, tell people about what you do, reach for more than just satisfying your customers and gather testimonials.

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What do people say and think about you? Not just your clients, but your co-workers, your friends, other agents and vendors? Real estate is an incredibly relational business, and what people think about you matters. Many an agent has hoped to have split business and personal images, but I’m here to tell you that it is virtually impossible to pull this off in our field. So paying a little attention to your reputation throughout your career can only help. Here are some ideas for getting a little buzz going about you and your business. Decide what you’re about as a person One of the bigger issues we tend to have as agents is that we love to spread ourselves thin and to try to be all things to all people. The problem with this is that we aren’t actually able to be passionate and invested in everything -- there’s simply not enough time and money. So the best thing you can do is decide what things you really care about and dive into them. Do you have a personal investmen...