Word-of-mouth marketing: How to get clients singing your praises

  • Whether it’s a referral, a recommendation or a simple mention on social media, word-of-mouth marketing is valuable because people believe in it more.

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Picture this scene: Friends are dining together at a local restaurant, and one friend asks another if she knows a good real estate agent because she is looking to buy a home. If it’s been a while since she purchased her home, and she hasn’t heard from you since, chances are you won’t come to mind. On the other hand, if you’ve nurtured the relationship long after you helped her close on a home, the friend will be far more inclined to suggest your services. After all, she just heard from you, so of course, you are top-of-mind. Most importantly, given that word-of-mouth carries so much weight, you’ve likely just gained a new client. One of the most powerful sources for leads remains word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM). Regardless of whether it is a referral, a recommendation by an influencer or a simple social media mention, WOMM is extremely valuable because people assign a heavier weight to WOMM then to other types of advertising. Though the digital era has changed the way...