How to reduce your internet clutter problems

Say goodbye to unwanted pop-ups and slow internet speed

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How much time have you wasted in this year on slow download speeds and annoying internet ads that follow you no matter where you surf online? In fact, have you ever looked at the number of tracking cookies on your browser? Chances are it’s in the thousands. Would you like to put an end to it all? Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge, Safari -- everyone is familiar with the pain that comes from using the big four browsers -- the ads, the tracking cookies and the frustratingly slow download times. If you’re sick and tired of having your privacy invaded and would like to increase your upload speed on your laptop and other digital devices, check out a new browser from Brave (Brave.com, also available for IOS and Android). Brave is the brainchild of Brendan Eich, the creator of JAVA code and the former CEO of Mozilla (Firefox). A case study: How bad is it? I decided to install Brave on my iPhone and my Macbook Pro to see how much it blocked based upon my user patterns in ...