Cheat sheet: A cultural guide to December holidays

Plot your calendar accordingly

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I grew up in a strict, religious Greek Orthodox family. We went to service every Sunday (and on holidays) unless we were bleeding from the eyeballs. Trying to explain my religious upbringing caused a lot of confusion among those unfamiliar with the Eastern Orthodox faith; throughout the years, I have been asked many bizarre questions: "What it is like to worship Zeus?" (We don’t.) Or, "Do you participate in animal sacrifice at Christmas?" (That’s a big no.) I finally started explaining to people that the Eastern Orthodox religion is a very strictly regimented Christian faith -- sort of like Catholicism on steroids -- and they seemed to understand that. Many of us have clients who belong to different religions and cultures, and it's easy to accidentally offend someone when you know nothing about his or her background. So, as an early holiday present from me to you, I have created a basic multicultural cheat sheet for you detailing all the major December holidays. December ...