Miami bitcoin-only listing may have a buyer

And the real estate agent behind it says he has another 'two or three' bitcoin-only listings coming up

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

A Miami penthouse listed for 33 bitcoin on Friday already has interest from a potential buyer in Spain. Real estate agent Justino Eduardo Ferret with United Realty Group listed his client’s one-bedroom condo in the Miami neighborhood of Edgewater, north of Downtown, in exchange for digital currency that would amount to just over $540,000, and he’s only accepting bitcoin. The move has caused quite a stir for Ferret, who says he has another two or three bitcoin-only listings in the works. The seller of the penthouse is fellow Uruguayan Ciro Fodere, an American citizen and classical pianist who currently lives in the same building as the penthouse, which he purchased in January 2016. Fodere, who researched bitcoin extensively before making this rather daring move, says he has a good head for numbers and believes the cryptocurrency has a future and is not just a fad. Bitcoin transactions, verified digitally by an unchanging ledger called a blockchain, make it easier for for...