5 things every real estate agent should know about bitcoin

Partnering with an international real estate company is paramount
  • Bitcoin has hit record highs and is more popular outside the U.S. among males ages 25-34; the bulk of real estate bitcoin deals have been done without a mortgage.

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

Bitcoin has been front and center in the headlines over the past week. It's a cryptocurrency that exists purely in digital form and has been steadily gaining popularity since its inception in 2009. With the launch of bitcoin futures by major exchanges in the coming weeks and months, we can expect the fervor to continue. What does this mean for the real estate industry? Buying and selling homes through bitcoin has become a bit more commonplace overseas, and it’s now also starting to gain traction in the U.S. Having sold a home earlier this month in bitcoin, and now working with a developer on a condo development to be offered through bitcoin, I’ve put together a list of five things every agent and broker needs to know about selling a house with bitcoin. Bitcoin’s value continues to hit record highs After rocketing above $19,000 for the first time, it’s now leveled off around $15,000. This buzz is likely to draw new investors to the cryptocurrency, and it’s critical ...