Will a bitcoin buyer bite on this designer beachfront home?

Tech-savvy Realtor in Clearwater Beach is attracting new interest to a luxury listing with a cryptocurrency price tag

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

They say a home will sell if the price is right. What if that price is (a volatile) 250 bitcoin? Realtors listing a luxury oceanfront home on the market for nine months in Clearwater Beach, Florida, are putting that question to the test. Buyers interested in the Belleair Shores property can now pay with the red-hot digital currency, or what would amount to about $4 million in regular old USD -- dealer’s choice. Clearwater Beach agent Nehad Alhassan, who is marketing the home with senior agent and his business partner, Martin Donovan at Sand Key Realty, says they aren’t leveraging bitcoin simply as a marketing ploy. The cryptocurrency price tag has nevertheless put a welcome spotlight on the property, which the agent duo has listed since it went on the market in April for $4.6 million. Far from a bitcoin bandwagoner, Alhassan, a rookie agent with a background in IT and finance, has been familiarizing himself with the cryptocurrency market since 2012 and is the autho...