How to take great DIY listing photos

6 tips for agents making the most of their marketing budget

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Most real estate agents know a thing or two about “curb appeal," but not everyone will happen by your listing. Forty four percent of buyers start their search online, which means that listing photos are essential in wooing potential buyers to come check out that stellar listing with the amazing curb appeal. If your marketing plan doesn't include getting professional photos done, don't fret. Fortunately, agents don’t have to hire professional photographers to take gorgeous home photos. Just follow these practical and effective tips. Experiment with using available interior lighting When shooting interior photos, some agents mistakenly think the natural light coming through the window is sufficient for making the room look nice. But without artificial lighting, the room could appear to have dark, gloomy corners that aren’t appealing. Before taking pictures, you should be aware that some lights can create odd shadows that detract from the overall image aesthetics. Wh...