ICNY 18: BoxBrownie unveils 360-degree photo enhancement service

Perfects the lighting and look of your property visuals using bracketing, item removal and exterior view enhancement

NEW YORK — Photo editing firm BoxBrownie is growing by thousands of customers each month on the merits of its affordable and exceptionally well-enhanced property visuals, most of which can be turned around within a day. The Australian company has come to Inman Connect before, but not with this much momentum preceding them.

BoxBrownie announced this week its 360-degree photo enhancement service that allows agents to easily capture immersive interior photos using the recommended Ricoh Theta S.

Other companies offer 360-degree video of course, and agents can even do it themselves.

However, BoxBrownie is applying its editing and photo enhancement talents to capture through-window exteriors, remove furniture, edit the sky, put images on wide-screen televisions, achieve perfect lighting, and correct otherwise distracting visual artifacts that often accompany the work of a non-professional.

The company is also getting the most out of the Ricoh’s ability to perform bracketing, a process that combines multiple exposures of the same scene to ensure each point of interest is properly captured.

The photography tactic makes a tremendous difference when you see it in action, as it reduces “blown-out” sunlight from sunny windows and corrects dim interior lighting.

Automated bracketing features are often found on much more expensive DSLR cameras. The Ricoh Theta does it for $350.

And after BoxBrownie is done editing your 360-degree photos, you’ll only be out $354.00.

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