realogy ceo ryan schneider

New Realogy CEO ready to ‘pivot quickly’ through disruption

Watch our exclusive interview with Ryan Schneider as he takes the reins of real estate's largest portfolio of legacy brands

NEW YORK -- This week Realogy's new CEO Ryan Schneider gave his first public remarks to the industry at Inman Connect New York. The former Capital One executive told attendees of his plans to leverage untapped real estate data and enhance the agent experience across a litany of brands as Realogy gears up to compete against a growing army of tech-enabled competitors. Later Inman sat down with Schneider for an exclusive interview about how real estate's largest legacy institution will work attract top talent, equip its agents with technology to improve the home sale transaction, blend insights from real estate industry outsiders and insiders, and adapt to inevitable disruption. Read all of our coverage from Inman Connect NY 2018.  ...