Can buyers fall for a home that isn’t love at first sight?

It's possible, and here are 5 ways to help them see past the imperfections when a house may be a truly great match

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

It's Valentine's day, and we know that love comes in many shapes and forms. In fact, when you’re showing prospective homebuyers properties, it’s not uncommon to find a match made in heaven. The buyers want what the house has, whether it’s a gazebo or new granite countertops, and they’re ready to write a check for the down payment the minute they walk out the door from the initial viewing. In fact, 56 percent of homebuyers purchase a property because they fall in love with it. But you probably also come across prospective homebuyers who need help seeing what a great match a home is for them. The home may have drawbacks, such as an unsightly yard or leaky faucets. So instead of focusing on the home's potential, your clients may focus on the negatives, which means they could miss out on falling in love with the neighborhood's diamond in the rough. One of your jobs as a real estate agent is to show these buyers that the home is a natural fit for them as long as it me...