The birth of a “click-to-mortar” brokerage

Movoto captured 3.5 percent of its beta market share in only a year

Faster. Better. Together.
Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 17-20, 2018

What happens when Redfin and Keller Williams get married and have a baby? Movoto. Movoto has launched a new brokerage that is uniquely positioned to become one of the industry’s most dominant players and, in the process, upset almost everyone’s applecart. Now you’re probably asking, "What is Movoto?" -- never heard of it, right? Like Zillow, Movoto is a national search platform. Take a look at where ranks on the organic search for “homes for sale” in these various major metropolitan areas: No. 8 in Miami and San Francisco No. 9 in Charlotte No. 10 in Houston No. 11 in Atlanta, Denver and Seattle No. 14 in Los Angeles and Manhattan Although Movoto has been a search platform since 2005, it was acquired 2.5 years ago by $14 billion Japanese giant Recruit Holdings. Recruit has two primary lines of business in Japan: job posting and real estate. In both cases, it occupies the no. 1 spot. On the real estate side, it owns Suumo, which is l...