Real estate deal in trouble? Here’s how to save it

How to resuscitate a dying transaction

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How many times have you had a real estate transaction crumble before your eyes? Whether you've been in the business for six months or 10 years, odds are you have had your share of nightmarish deals. The combination of buyer, seller, listing agent, buyer's agent, lender, appraiser, home inspector, title company and other add-on's including family members' opinions among other things can mean any number of things can happen. Unfortunately, many of these issues that arise during a transaction are out of our hands as real estate agents. Here's a quick tip guide for dealing with five common mishaps in a real estate transaction: The buyer gets cold feet It happens — the buyers view the property, quickly write an offer and get buyer's remorse. Maybe they see another house pop up they think they will like better, or maybe the commitment becomes overwhelming. Either way, this can happen. Before submitting their offer, make sure to remind buyers that should they walk away due to eith...