Coldwell Banker launches ‘Hoops’ ad in time for March Madness

Spot highlights how one special feature of a house can make it feel like home

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When Coldwell Banker's senior vice president of marketing David Marine was growing up, his father was in the army and the family moved four times to Arizona, Ohio, then within New Jersey twice. Marine -- now a father of four boys -- remembers the challenge of moving schools when he was heading into his freshman year. "When I moved in high school, my parents were building a new construction home and one of the biggest selling points was there would be a much bigger driveway and the way it was situated, it was a perfect half court. So one of the first things, even before the tiling was done, was a basketball hoop in the driveway," Marine told Inman. The latest Coldwell Banker campaign launched this week shows a young boy at the family's new home sulking on his phone and what the introduction of a basketball hoop -- at the suggestion of a real estate agent -- does to introduce him to other kids in the neighborhood. The basketball hoop is one of the few things you physically a...