Roomi acquires competitor Symbi for better roommate matching

Symbi's users and listings will be gradually transitioned to the larger Roomi marketplace

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One of New York’s most popular roommate-finding apps has joined forces with another competitor. Roomi, an online marketplace that connects roommates with landlords and other people looking for a place to rent, announced that it is acquiring New York-based Symbi. Symbi, started in 2014, was previously a direct competitor to Roomi, which started out as an online rental platform for New York. Over the last two years Roomi also acquired competitors including The Room Ring and "We believe it's going to take a lot more than just us to solve the problem ," Roomi's founder Ajay Yadav told Inman. "We want to learn from these companies and have the benefit of their experience." According to Yadav, a single large marketplace for roommate listings will provide people looking for a place to rent with a more streamlined experience, and give Roomi the advantage of having the best selection of rooms and pool of roommates in a city in one place. Just as with dating apps such as T...