How an agent’s Vikings billboard on Eagles turf paid off

Kris Lindahl scored big with this viral marketing

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Picture this: It’s Jan. 21, 2018, and you’re in Philadelphia headed to the much anticipated NFC Championship game where the Eagles will take on the Minnesota Vikings. You’re heading to the stadium off 95 South and Broadstreet, and you look up and see an advertisement taunting you (if you’re an Eagles fan, that is). It’s a massive purple and gold billboard supporting the visiting Vikings. Oh the nerve, right? That was the viral brainchild of Minnesota real estate agent Kris Lindahl, of the Minneapolis-based Kris Lindahl Team. After the game, he left straight for Inman Connect New York, where I got to hear firsthand about his latest completely insane — and yet pure genius — idea. How did you come up with this idea? The Vikings, being one game away from the Super Bowl, huge for us in Minnesota. Especially, since it was going to be in our home stadium. No team had ever played a Super Bowl at home. How did you expect a billboard in Philadelphia to help your ...